1.  Do I have to pay money to work on a ship through PTMSS ?


2.  What type of vessels are managed by PTMSS ?


3.  What flags flown by the ships and what are trading areas ?


4.  What are the nationalities of the people on board ?


5.  What are the contract durations ?


6.  What is the average rotation schedule ?


7.  If I am hired by the Principal of PTMSS, where should I perform medical check-up ?


8.  Does PTMSS provide insurance coverage for the Seafarers ?


9.  Does PTMSS also recruit Officers and Engineers? What are the wages ?


10. Does each ship have a complete set of Officers and Engineers ?


11. If I work for one of your Principals and I am happy with the on-board condition, do I stand a good chance to return ?


12. If I want to apply for a job to PTMSS, what are the requirements ?


13. If I am loyal to the Company, can I recommend my relative or friend ?


14. How can I be sure that PTMSS is a good crewing agent ?